A beastly collection

The most incredible bugs and arachnids from the five continents now in yours hands

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A collection specially designed for all the family

Discover some true wonders of the natural world: the most astonishing insects and spiders on the planet brought together in one collection by a team of experts. Of course, we've made sure that none of these species is endangered! These magnificent specimens come in two different sizes - big and giant - so that you can appreciate them in all their glorious detail.

A bugtastic collection

This exclusive collection brings you the most shiny, poisonous, fierce and destructive beasts in the world. There's the giant wasp, a truly dangerous member of the hymenoptera family. And the wasp spider, whose thread, just a few thousandths of a millimetre thick, is stronger than steel and more elastic than nylon. Or what about the rhinoceros beetle, which can grow up to 7 cm long! Don't miss out on this spectacular, bugtastic collection.

Endorsed by National Geographic

National Geographic brings you its special selection of the most incredible insects, spiders and other creepy crawlies the natural world has to offer. Since its foundation in 1888, the National Geographic Society has been dedicated to studying wildlife on our planet. Today, it continues to be one of the world's largest non-profit organizations working in the fields of science and education.

A publication combining learning and fun

Discover the most complete work dedicated to insects, spiders and other bugs. This exclusive collection reveals the best-kept secrets of these animals, combining fun and scientific facts.
The hard work of expert biologists, entomologists and teachers along with a carefully chosen selection of photographs and illustrations make this collection ideal for children and adults alike.
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    • 1. Golden Scorpion - CHINA
    • 2. Emerald Beetle - JAPAN
    • 3. Armoured Cricket - INDIA
    • 4. Tropical Black Cicada - CHINA
    • 5. Giant Wasp - ASIA

    • 6. Spur-throated Grasshopper - ETHIOPIA
    • 7. Blue Weevil - NEW GUINEA
    • 8. Giant Forest Ant - SOUTHEAST ASIA
    • 9. American Cockroach - NORTH AMERICA
    • 10. Giant Scorpion (Big-sized Bug) - MALAYSIA

    • 11. Long-horned Beetle - WORLDWIDE
    • 12. Sugarcane White Grub Beetle - Papua New Guinea
    • 13. Wasp Spider - TUNISIA
    • 14. Giant Shield Bug - WORLDWIDE
    • 15. Brown Grasshopper - AUSTRALIA

    • 16. Exotic Planthopper - INDIA
    • 17. Rhinoceros Beetle - (Big-sized Bug) ASIA
    • 18. Asiatic Cricket - INDONESIA
    • 19. Asian Water Beetle - ASIA
    • 20. Damselfly - WORLDWIDE

    • 21. Devil Spider - AMERICAS
    • 22. Fruit Chafer Beetle - CAMEROON
    • 23. African Jewel Beetle - TANZANIA
    • 24. Long-nose Jungle Beetle - MALAYSIA
    • 25. Millipede - INDIA

    • 26. Superb Longhorn Beetle -
    • 27. Click Beetle - CHINA
    • 28. Fals Long-horned Beetle - VIETNAM
    • 29. Golden Asian Stag Beetle - SOUTHEAST ASIA
    • 30. Formosa Stag Beetle - TAIWAN

    • 31. June Beetle - MYANMAR
    • 32. Tiger Millipede - CANADA
    • 33. Spotted Longhorn Beetle - LAOS
    • 34. Chinese Lantern Bug - CHINA
    • 35. Flower Mantis - VIETNAM

    • 36. Asian Forest Scorpion - SINGAPORE
    • 37. Asian Centipede - CHINA
    • 38. Praying Mantis - IRAN
    • 39. Orange-spotted Cockroach - ARGENTINA
    • 40. Oriental Flower Beetle - ASIA

    • 41. Chinese Blister Beetle - CHINA
    • 42. Paper Wasp - INDONESIA
    • 43. Horned Flower Chafer - TAIWAN
    • 44. White Dragon Tail - MYANMAR
    • 45. Litchi Stink Bug - THAILAND

    • 46. Malaysian Jewel Beetle
    • 47. Pollen Basket Bee - INDIA
    • 48. Golden Silk Orb Spider - (Big-sized) INDONESIA
    • 49. Beautiful Cicada
    • 50. Asian Stag Beetle - BORNEO
    • 51. Shield-backed Bug - Indonesia
    • 52. Unicorn Beetle - AUSTRALIA
    • 53. Hindustani Cicada - INDIA
    • 54. Ground Beetle - VIETNAM
    • 55. Spiny Orbweaver Spider - ZAMBIA

    • 56. Frog-legged Leaf Beetle - LAOS
    • 57. New Guinea Flower Chafer - PAPUA NEW GUINEA
    • 58. Chinese Stick Insect - China
    • 59. Thai Stag Beetle – THAILAND
    • 60. Tea Seed Bug - CHINA

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Measuring 13.5 by 10.5cm. This authentic giant Cuban Tarantula (Phormictopus sp.) will make a great addition to your bugs collection. Part of the Theraphosidae family, this fascinating insect is not part of an endangered species, and is farmed in many countries. Although not lethal to humans, the giant tarantula has urticant (itch-inducing) hairs on its velvety abdomen and legs.

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